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The Purple Man was seized by officers and didn’t resist arrest at all.Matt Murdock, who in costume was known as Daredevil, was appointed his attorney.

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Kara eventually joined the mutant group Alpha Flight as Purple Girl.Several children that he fathered on unsuspecting women showed up, each with his ability, although it varied by degree.One, a girl named Kara, turned purplewhen she was a teen-ager.Settled in, he meditated on Daredevil’s immunity to his control and decided it was his destiny to conquer the superhero.Later on, Daredevil found and confronted the Purple Man on the rooftop of his high-rise headquarters.The Purple Man’s origin was later expanded on in Marvel Max’s 2003 series ‘Alias’.

Killgrave was an especially disturbing foe for theheroine known as Jessica Jones, forcing her to be his bodyguard and sexual slave for months.

The guard immediately let him out, and he left, taking Karen quite willingly along. He seemed to be immune to Killgrave’s ability to control people, perhaps because he is blind or perhaps because of the heightened senses which compensate for his blindness.

Changing into his Daredevil outfit, Murdoch set off in pursuit of Killgrave.

Although the Purple Man has fought many different heroes, he has a long association with Daredevil, dating back to his debut in a 1964 issue of the Man without Fear.

In that issue, a purple-hued man calmly walked into a bank and asked a teller to load up his suitcase with money. It was only after the Purple Man left the bank that the teller realized what he had done and alertedthe police.

We have chosen primarily to follow the storyline which unfolded in 1964’s Daredevil #4, which was expanded upon in 1985’s Alpha Flight #41, 2003’s Alias #24, and 2014’s Daredevil #8.