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Did the town’s good-intentioned integration plan succeed in bringing a deeply divided community together to improve education for both black and white students?The town, it turns out, was Greenville, an unusually diverse community of blacks, whites, Chinese, Creoles, Jews, as well as immigrants from Lebanon and Syria.

But no one gave away River City’s identity, or kept track to see if its promise came true.I think that may have other consequences." Communications Minister Denis Naughten is currently considering the introduction of a Digital Commissioner and has set up a forum with industry players like Facebook and Twitter.Mr Varadkar said social media is having "a huge effect" on the mental health of young people. In the past, if a kid was being bullied or harassed in school they could hide from it. He said politicians have to expect "a certain level of abuse" if they are willing to put their picture up on lampposts. It's worse online and on social media because people can use the cloak of anonymity.In Greenville, the federally approved desegregation plans of 50 years ago were nothing if not a sincere attempt to achieve total integration.The current Greenville school superintendent, Leeson Taylor, was a student at Greenville High at the tail end of those heady days. It’s just the way it was,” Taylor, 45, said from his office on Main Street, where the black superintendent was tackling issues more immediate than integration, such as severe flooding and aging school roofs.A recent government survey showed that segregation by race and class in the nation’s public schools is getting worse, not better.

This is in large part an expected result of demographic, rather than policy, shifts.

The Taoiseach said his Government will have "to examine the options" in terms of limiting the opportunities for cyber-bullying - but said he'd be "very reluctant to do anything that curtails free speech".

"What I think we should try to develop is a society where we are respectful to each other, where we can have arguments that are based on the facts.

Meanwhile, years of research underscore what the Coleman Report pointed to 50 years ago, a real correlation between segregation and an educational achievement gap along lines of class and race.

In fact, a 2006 re-analysis of the original data, using more sophisticated statistical techniques, found that schools with concentrated levels of black and poor students do even more harm to black students’ achievement than Coleman originally conceived.

The use of social media in political circles has been under scrutiny in the wake of the Jobstown trial and separately the cautioning by gardaí of a woman for messages criticising Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty.