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Dating a cuban man

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Here in the UK, unless you’re a serial sexist, it’s generally accepted that sexually harassing women is not OK.

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The second I walked out of Havana airport, the comments from excitable men began.I dare you to say that you don't know at least 10 of the guys on the list. And online dating is usually how he re-ups his supply. Heck, you don't even have to be from the 305 to identify. He kinda reminds you of Patrick Bateman, except a little less... In any case, you have to admire dude's persistence and resolve. THE PRIVATE SCHOOL GRAD He definitely went to Columbus or Belen and will let his expensive car and apartment in Brickell do the talking. He's perfectly content wandering through life, smoking weed, playing Xbox and living at home with the parentals. It didn’t matter if I was alone, or with my female travel buddy, the comments would arrive on cue every time I passed a man sitting on the kerb or his bicycle taxi.At first I thought it was a special foreign treatment, just like the obscenely high water prices, but with my dark skin and Spanish skills, I was often mistaken for a Cuban and the comments still didn’t stop.It’s something I had to appreciate, or at least accept. Every time the comments came I either felt angry and annoyed, or slightly dirty and vulnerable – especially when I was backpacking for part of the trip alone.

It didn’t help when other female tourists (travelling with male partners, so completely unaffected by the catcalling) cheerfully told me, ‘when in Rome!

It’s unclear what exactly happened, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the powerful video shows just how widespread catcalling can be for women.

In just one day, Roberts received unwanted sexual comments from 108 men, and a number of copycat videos showed equally depressing results across the world.

Many worry that the country will change drastically now the trade embargo with American has been lifted, and that an influx of western tourists will destroy the country’s history and beauty.

It’s a legitimate concern, but for me, there’s one small hidden benefit to this momentous change – the more that Americans come in, the more Cuba is likely to ditch its 1950s patriarchal attitude towards women and stop seeing catcalling as the norm.

' The problem is that catcalling is deeply ingrained in Cuban culture.