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Dating a meat eater

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Georgia Jardine says her diet caused some conflict when she first started dating her boyfriend, Ethan Munro — she's vegan, but he likes to hunt.

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I was astonished by his blunt honesty and a tiny bit offended. Well, besides having different beliefs about animals and how they should be treated, there are physical traits of meat-eaters that play a role."I think a large portion of the problem was nostalgia," he said."As soon as she and I broke up, I ate a can of Spam."I think he had some preconceptions about vegans, and then it took him getting to know me to realize that not all vegans are a certain way." Jardine feels that wild game meat is more ethical than meat from a factory farm, so her partner's hunting isn't a huge issue for her. "I've been given this partner by the universe," she said."So I just see it as an opportunity to grow, to expand my mind and realize not everyone's going to be vegan, not everyone's going to believe the same things I do, and to be okay with that." And a lot of couples have managed to make it work, despite their differences. "She doesn't want to spend money on cruelty for animals …"It would the equivalent of me to saying to a new girl, 'You don't want kids?

Oh, we'll figure it out.' That was my ignorance." Despite his heartbreak, Poon is philosophical about his experience.

Owen Chan's wife became vegan just two weeks before they met. so for her it's just about not supporting those industries.

Then it gets tricky because we share finances." If he had to make a choice, Chan says his relationship comes first.

As for David Poon, he said he agreed with the ideology behind his partner's veganism.

But he found giving up meat and cheese harder than he anticipated.

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