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Dating a nerd girl

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It’s notoriously difficult to pull a geek outside of his comfort zone; the world hates and fears him, therefore why should he have anything to do with the world outside of the tiny slice that values him.

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It is a common belief that hybrid vehicles could contribute greatly to the reduction of air pollution and the protection of the environment.You don’t have to worry about your girlfriend being clingy when you’re dating a nerdy girl.These types of girls have an infinite amount of interests and passions which means they can entertain themselves for quite some time.At the same time however, they fear the rejection from the opposite sex.Geeks have an unfortunate tendency to be poorly socialized outside of their own peer group, which makes finding a relationship even more difficult. Geek culture is a reactionary bundle of self-contradictions.

OK, I can already hear the fingers clicking as you write me pissed off e-mails and click the “back” button on your browser, but stick with me here, I swear I’m going somewhere with this and it’s not where you think.

You’ll never be bored with a nerdy girl, as they are the opposite of simple.

Nerdy girls have interesting hobbies and passions which they will love to teach you about.

A nerdy girl will appreciate a rose with a poem much more than some expensive jewelry.

It’s the thought that counts and nerdy girls know that spending a bunch of money is actually pretty thoughtless.

Your relationship will be much stronger when you date someone who you connect with on many levels, someone you consider a best friend first.