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Dating an exotic dancer story

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” I genuinely found the economics of exotic dancing interesting, as did many of the men I had as customers.Most of the men who were willing to give me copious amounts of money wanted to have copious amounts of conversation in addition to nakedness, and I was able to oblige.

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And so, conversations about finances and economics often bookended naked dancing. There is no hourly wage you earn to stand around waiting for someone to ask you to take your clothes off.Yes, they have certain branding to display and house rules they have to play by, and they have to pay rent to their landlord.But beyond that, they are the owner of a business and have their own customers that will often follow them if they move salons.When I was a stripper, people were surprisingly curious about how I made money. It wasn’t that I felt a strong need to correct them. “No, technically I’m running my own business,” I would tell them, and this was true.It was my decision, and no one could tell me otherwise.

More often than not, though, I had self-imposed quotas.

but if it’s paid out to her, it then must be tracked in some way, like on a 1099 form. In my experience (in the city of Los Angeles, at least, as I found that laws that govern how exotic dancers get paid are often dictated on a county-by-county basis), it is exactly the opposite. The clubs, therefore, compensate by cutting into dance fees.

Money paid for dances is paid to the , who pays the club an agreed-upon rate for the privilege of conducting her business there.

However, I can only assume that people believe strippers are independent contractors because they think that the money they pay for dances is given to the club, which in turn is doled out to the dancer in the form of a stipend or salary.

I’m sure most people don’t think much farther than that…

I would walk into work and know I had a certain target I wanted to hit.