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Dating an ivy leaguer

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I grew up by no means wealthy, but it was never a question of how we were going to pay for vacation or our weekly Saturday night meals out.As you all know for the past few weeks, I’ve been intrigued by the experiences that I’ve gathered from women of color who have attended Ivy League univiersities.My original article was featured in Madame Noire here: Black Women In The Ivy League: “Everything’s Not Always So Pretty At The Top Recently, someone left a comment on the Madame Noire article that I HAD to share with you all.Most ethnic cliques (including black ones) were exclusive, unwelcoming, and oftentimes fraught with internal cattiness and strife.Black girls were divided further into black Caribbean girls, black African girls, black African-American girls, etc.However, as the president of Princeton Caribbean Connection, I did interface with many of the affinity groups of color on campus.

I found that if we worked together and formed partnerships, doing things (and making strides) as a community of color on campus would have been much easier.

Coming from the Gold Coast of Long Island, I grew up around and went to school with exorbitantly wealthy people.

The type of people who weren't just lawyers and bankers, but rather people whose Grandfather started the law firm, or the bank.

I've gotten where I've gotten in life through hard work, and some inherent social benefits, many of these people have gotten where they are nearly entirely from social benefits.

The first important thing to know about dating women from an Ivy league school is that there are clear class distinctions.

The commenter talks about exclusivity within the women of color circle and DATING.