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Dating and breakups

As the drummer in the '60s power trio Cream, Ginger Baker clashed constantly with bassist/singer Jack Bruce, more than once reducing guitar legend Eric Clapton to tears.

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UGLY MOMENT: In 2015, Crosby and Nash even fought onstage.Yet this was mild next to the decades of hostility between Dave and his brother, Kinks frontman Ray Davies.UGLY MOMENT: The Kinks' last concert was in 1996, and Dave turned 50 not long after that.In their 1970s heyday, the Eagles produced six platinum albums in a fast lane marked by, in Don Henley's words, "drugs, girls and fights."UGLY MOMENT: In the middle of a 1980 concert, as Glenn Frey told it, Don Felder threatened to beat up the Eagles frontman after "three more songs." Frey's reply: "Great.I can't wait." In the end, Felder just smashed his guitar and walked away fuming.This week in 1969, just before the release of "Abbey Road," John Lennon told Paul, George and Ringo that he was leaving the Beatles.

It was the first decisive move in a bitter split that wouldn't become public until the following April.

Ross went solo in 1970, and Ballard died broke in 1976.

UGLY MOMENT: Ross threw herself onto Ballard's casket, according to author Mark Bego. Ross acted like she was out to steal the show."BEHIND THE BREAKUP: One thing they didn't do was take it easy.

At a party to mark the occasion, Ray stomped on the birthday cake.

BEHIND THE BREAKUP: First came the breakups of couples inside the band—Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, John and Christine Mc Vie—which fueled "Rumours" amid mountains of cocaine.

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