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Sometimes we women settle for ish we know we don't like and just lose our selves to some buster azz nicca, that don't even deserve our love. I actually challenged myself to do that..since I thought that was something I could improve on. I am winding things down with the career and getting ready to jump that broom. I've always been focused on accomplishing my goals while most of my friends were busy having babies, getting married or caught up in drama that I never had time for. When I was in an unfurnished apt when we were in school. We just need to learn to be women............real..... I'd agree with you two years ago.after being in a situation where I did that.. I dated this guy for 3 yrs and encouraged him - was the PERFECT person to this guy. Now most of them 90% are divorced, broke and very bitter. I have many associates who use to hate because I did go for mine so young. I think we need to encourage our youngins not to do the same. Sometimes I feel sentiments of "hate" or bitterness from friends too. The ex-Murder Inc singer defends being loyal to former label head Irv Gotti; the type of space she’s now in with on rumored ex Nelly (she hints that there may be more than friendship) and his ex-girlfriend, Tae Heckard and rumors that she dated NFL’er De Sean Jackson. Nelly hit up WGCI in Chicago this week to chat it up. To each his own." my name is joy ,i am a young lady, i saw ur profile and i have interest in u send u email so that i will give u my pic and tell u more about me if u reply to me at this my email ([email protected]) Jill - I highly disagree with you. Traveling the world, working like a maniac and truly sleeping alone night after night gets stale. I'm one of those women who been all over the world .. Sometimes we need people around us that will be with us til death does us part. Why wouldn't someone want to grow old with their children.. He loved me when I was small, overweight and petite again. I would say alot of men are silly because they don't look at the women's heart. if i was that dj i would have cute this interview b/c it's obvious that he was just being straight ignorant and trying to be an asshole......i also think that this was a publicity stunt b/c we all know he has been on the "D" list for a while now, and i honestly think he was even on the "D" list when he was at the peek of his so-called career. I'll say it again: Women would stay in their lanes more if they didn't have to cover both sides of the street more often than not. Now I'm 2 years into a relationship with a beautiful, loving & supportive man.

I smiled, I nodded, I encouraged, I basically was totally supportive.. not have to get married and get pregger so young. I am far from perfect but I've always been committed to my personal goals.

Here are some more reasons black women are single,and ghetto is a big part of it the sad truth. Black women are single because black men do not talk too them,and more black men date outside there race.

The men do not want women who are fat or obese and alot of black women are true. love the educated response on "single" - you can date someone all you want, but guess what?

We live in a world that is different from the 50's its ok to get married after 30. I have been applying everything that you said ever since I graduated college. Marriage and kids may or may not happen in my life but I'm DEFINITELY not gonna stress out if doesn't happen.

In my opionion most should get married til after 30. IF more people learn who they are and what MARRIAGE is and what it takes to have a successful marriage then that will deter cheating and a lot of divorces. Maybe Nelly and Shanti want to keep their relartionship private so the WORLD won't have their opinions about them. I think WOMEN of all cultures deal with the thing of finding the "PERFECT" man( which doesn't eist)...white, latino, middle eastern, asian, etc men would say the samew thing that Nelly is saying being that Nelly is black he is speaking about what he knows and obviously who he dats ands that's black women. ( Online Store, Get Name Brand Fashion From 12USD Now!

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