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Dating career woman

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The Taurus man may find it a difficult task to meet women, but once he settles on dating one he will normally stick it out to see if it develops into something more.He is resistant to change and will take a little time off from dating when hurt.

He is very protective in relationships, jobs and whatever he has staked out as his property.Anyone fortunate enough to have a Taurus woman for a friend always walks away feeling better about themselves.Her nurturing nature towards those she cares about makes her the friend everyone goes to for advice.He is a natural leader and extremely efficient at handling details.He is happiest when operating his own business since he maintains more control.Nothing will come before taking care of her family.

Even though a Taurus has a notorious temper, she will be more likely to walk away shaking her head if she feels there is truly nothing to argue about.

She is not adventurous when it comes to new activities, but can be easily persuaded if it involves outdoor time.

Skiing, kayaking, hiking and repelling are dating activities that can seem ultra appealing knowing that she will be surrounded by nature.

The Taurus woman takes a long time in deciding if she has met the right man to form a relationship with. Once she feels confident she will open up and pour out her heartfelt affections with no reservation.

Her nurturing spirit will take the helm the more she feels secure and protected in the relationship. A relationship with a Taurus woman can prove solid and long-lasting with very little trouble.

She is able to quell discord quickly and nearly effortlessly.