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Dating count up myspace

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However, if you do, in fact, have a child, by all means let all future Daddy Warbuckses and Maria Rainers know. The wo/man behind the mask Why they're clicking "next": Including a picture from this year's Halloween extravaganza can be a great way to show potential soul mates your "fun side." However, when your profile snap depicts you dressed as Hunter S.Thompson in "Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas" when most days you're adorned in chinos and polos, the ladies -- they get confused. More than one's a crowd Why they're clicking "next": We're going to refrain from telling you at this juncture to cut out any pics of you and your ex (because if we have to tell you that, you're likely not over your ex, and you should likely not be online dating).

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How many kids do you want: The three we have are great! Do you want any pets: The two cats we have are awesome. My Space was founded in 2003 by Chris De Wolfe and Tom Anderson.It began as social-networking site along the lines of Friendster.When choosing a main pic, make sure to show the masses what you look like on any given day, not just October 31. No, we're just going to lay down this general rule: When it comes to digital dating, you should go it alone in your snaps (unless you're a member of that new buddy system dating site, Duo Dater).A group shot of you and your pals playing Frisbee or idyllically leaping in a rushing brook aren't all that bad (They show your adventurous side! bought Intermix Media, the company that had controlling interest in My Space, for $580 million.

Most analysts think that what Murdoch was really interested in buying was My Space.

That same year, industry leader Friendster had a major technology setback -- it couldn't keep up with its increased traffic.

During peak hours, the site slowed to a crawl, or users got DNS errors and couldn't access the site at all.

Obvious observation number two: Regardless of whether you agree with our advice, tons of you still have a lot of burning, itching questions regarding how to succeed in the digital-dating realm.

Obvious observation number three: We're not aiming to make like Carrie Bradshaw anytime soon (we're not really that into shoes), so this shall be our last column on online dating for a while.

We understand that it can be hard to find a good picture, that most of our friends are not, in fact, professional photogs, resulting in a veritable parade of pics in which one is caught mid-sneeze, -laugh or -oozing drunken 2 a.m. But, my friends, amazing advances in technology have afforded us the ability to take pictures of oneself without resorting to the dreaded standing-in-the-bathroom-with-a-camera shot. While you may think you look mysterious and dashing in the half-light of your darkened bedroom, the shadows playing off the sharp planes of your face, you may just look like a confused mole, squinting into the oh-so-captivating world of "Wo W." 5). An overexposed shot of a girl in sunglasses and a ponytail posing in Times Square. These images are not even worthy of your Flickr account, let alone your online dating profile. Delete any pictures that could have been taken in Anywheresville, USA, and opt instead for a photo of you posing with your prize-winning 100-pound pumpkin/busting out your rad jump-kick skills/pretending to make out with the giant mouse at Mars' Cheese Castle. If you are one of those folks, carry on, but don't come crying to us when you catch something -- and we're not talking about the aforementioned fish.