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Dating customs in russia

Wham – suddenly you are hit with warmth and color and tidiness that is nonexistent on the other side of the doorway.

At first glance Russians seem unfriendly, somewhat “cold” in nature.The contrast between the “warmth” and hospitality of Russian homes versus the restrained, sometimes “cold” nature on the streets, is like night and day.It is a contrast you can sense both physically and emotionally.While its true that Russians are very restrained in public, the characterization of an “unfriendly” nationality is quite undeserved.Once you form a friendship with a Russian, or group of Russians, you will quickly change your opinion about Russian character.To minimize the culture shock for first time visitors, we’ve outlined some of the more prevalent conventions of social behavior found in Russia, Ukraine and former Soviet states.

The first impression of many foreigners, particularly those visiting large cities, is an environment void of emotion.

For guys visiting Russia (particularly for guys who will be courting a female), here are a few good manners to remember.

Traditional gender roles in the Russian home are also still quite common.

It is still the same – grey, dark and kind of depressing.

Now walk through the doorway of a flat and enter into a Russian home.

Bad reasons not to continue a relationship include the fact that they crack their knuckles too much, the fact that they leave the cap on the shampoo open, the fact that sometimes they don’t put the milk back in the fridge, and the fact that they order cranberry juice at every restaurant they go to.