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Dating for wealthy

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So, if you wish to appear confident, make sure that you are neatly dressed and in accordance with the occasion.Take care to be well-groomed since nothing turns off a man as quickly as unkempt hair, chipped nails, dull skin and body odor.

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If you do find yourself getting obsessive or erratic with your gestures, breathe in deeply and play down your mannerisms.So if you smoke before you are meeting a date, you might start displaying signs like flushed face, increased blood pressure, dry mouth and constricted pupils which are all associated with heightened nervousness.However if you are a regular smoker, the ebbing nicotine in your bloodstream may lead to minor withdrawal symptoms like trembling of fingers.A truly confident person remains collected on the outside which is a reflection of the calm self-assurance within.Use your voice well Many times a woman is well on her way to impressing a potential mate but blows everything as soon as she opens her mouth.Maintain a steady gaze when talking to your date since eye contact helps you establish a position of confidence in the minds of others.

Keep your hands on the table or comfortably on your sides.

Slouching, shaking a leg continuously, drumming fingers on the table and touching the ear, nose or hair repeatedly are all signs of nervousness.

If you wish to appear confident, adopt a straight but relaxed posture.

In fact you should avoid alcohol too, despite its reputation for relaxing the nerves and loosening inhibitions.

This is because too many pegs can lead you to lose focus so that instead of remembering to appear confident, you will begin to display behavior that is out-of-control.

However you don’t have to break a bank in order to buy expensive clothes but do ensure that whatever you wear is classy, plays up your best features and in keeping with your personal style.