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we're just taking a huge step backward as a country." Like millions of others energized by the Republican president's assault on the legacy of his predecessor Barack Obama, and the emboldening of the American far-right, she decided to become more closely involved in what liberal activists have called the "Resistance." And nowhere is this more pronounced than in California, an overwhelmingly Democratic state that has long been a bastion of progressive values.

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It is important to state for the record that, while the vast majority in the party grassroots is affected or unhappy with the leadership disconnect, they have elected to remain patient and supportive of the party and government.He has also vowed to abide by the Paris climate change accord, leading a multi-state alliance that is seeking to uphold the United States' obligations, with or without Washington.Elsewhere, a federal appeals court in San Francisco -- along with others in the states of Washington, Maryland and Hawaii -- has played a key role in blocking Trump's much-maligned travel bans that have predominantly targeted Muslim-majority countries.The temperature may have cooled slightly since the immediate aftermath of the election, but activists say grassroots mobilization remains strong.Mary-Virginia Watson, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America that closely aligns with Bernie Sanders, reports that the East Bay Chapter which she co-chairs "has grown from a small group 100 people to 800 people since the election, we keep growing." - Learning from the Tea Party - Many are newcomers, like singer-songwriter Osteen -- who says she now spends most of her free time reading, tweeting and lobbying her local representatives."In terms of canvassing for candidates I have not seen this kind of energy ever." Jessica Craven, a 49-year-old saleswoman and singer, has volunteered for Democratic candidates since Al Gore stood for the 2000 election -- but after the shock of Trump's victory, she decided to take her activism to the next level.

She now writes a daily newsletter with a list of actions to a legion of ever-growing followers. Let's do our calls with zeal and strength, knowing that tomorrow we get to put our feet up and eat bonbons," reads a typically jaunty release -- this one asking for followers to mass email Scott Pruitt, the climate-change skeptic installed by Trump to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

The day after Trump's inauguration, Los Angeles hosted the biggest "Women's March" to protest the election of the tycoon who had been caught boasting about groping women in a video revealed during the campaign.

Students at UC Berkeley meanwhile have risen up to prevent far-right speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos from spreading their message.

In other words, the patriotic conduct of the larger grassroots membership demonstrates that the isolated excesses of the few are indeed antithetical to the character and values of the New Patriotic Party.

To understand and resolve these recorded misconducts of some party supporters, I call on the national leadership of the NPP to embark on a nationwide grassroots engagement program to listen to, affirm our value for the rule of law and promote peaceful avenues for the resolution of concerns.

The proposed nationwide engagement program is necessary not merely to manage the expectations of a frustrated grassroots but as a firm measure to promote and garner goodwill for the tireless labor of the Nana Addo administration to expand employment opportunities for all Ghanaians.