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Dating in ksa

Follow Up To Date on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.The skylarks sing as they swoop and swerve in the pre-dawn sky around date palm trees.

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Since 1980, the date festival has grown into its present form, a 70-day auction in late summer, generating as much as $300 million through the sale of thousands of tons of dates.Plummeting oil prices over the past three years have sent the economy into a tailspin.Economic headwinds have, in turn, spurred on a high-profile effort to reconfigure the Saudi economy around a more diversified export base and an innovative private sector; this project is known as Saudi Vision 2030.Unaizah lies some 3½ hours northwest of Riyadh by car, down a steep drop from the central Najd plateau and across two separate seas of sand dunes (“Caution: Sandstorm Area” read signs along the road).Just to the north lies the regional capital of Buraidah, archrival city to Unaizah and host of world’s The market that hosts the Unaizah festival is enormous: a giant plaza as wide as a football field and twice as long.Up To Date’s more than 5,100 world-renowned physician authors, editors and peer reviewers use a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations that are proven to improve patient care and quality.

More than 750,000 clinicians in 158 countries rely on Up To Date, and more than 30 research studies confirm Up To Date’s widespread usage and association with improved patient care and hospital performance, including reduced length of stay, adverse complications and mortality.

The National Day of Saudi Arabia is an opportunity to learn about the work of the [[King Abdulaziz], how he established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and what he did to unify his country.

Therefore his memory is celebrated in the national day.

“We look forward to supporting the Saudi Ministry of Health as a trusted source of evidence-based medicine that enables clinicians to answer questions at the point of care.” Throughout the kingdom, access to trusted, evidence-based medical information covering more than 10,000 clinical topics in over 20 specialties will be available to every Internet user via several methods: the Ministry of Health Portal ( the Up To Date website ( the Up To Date Mobile App for i OS, Android, and Windows 8, and directly within hospitals’ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems that support Up To Date integration.

Arvind Subramanian, President and CEO, at Wolters Kluwer Health, Clinical Solutions said, “Working with ministries of health and other major government agencies is an essential part of our mission to improve care everywhere.” Subramanian added, “For an organization that is driven by innovation and customer focus, the national rollout of Up To Date in Saudi Arabia serves as a showcase of how we can partner to leverage web, EMR and mobile access technology on a national scale to help more doctors with clinical decision-making.” Up To Date is an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical knowledge system which clinicians trust to make the right point-of-care decisions.

Vast reserves of oil and natural gas have fueled decades of economic development schemes, filled a bloated government bureaucracy with (mostly male) Saudi citizens, brought in millions of foreign workers, and propelled the country into the ranks of the G-20 economies.