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Dating in your late twenties

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And you care more about how your relationship looks on the inside than the outside.

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You’re exhausted from always moving at a fast pace and seek a partner who won’t require energy or an effort. When we’re just starting out, all we want is approval from our best friends that the guy we’re dating is “right” for us.You’ve gotten the hot douchebags and going-nowhere-losers out of your system, and now you’re focused on finding their permanent replacement.You’re not trying to waste anyone’s time on someone you know you’re not going to be with forever.If we’re being honest, relationships aren’t just about love; they’re about goals.They’re about fulfilling those specific ideas we have on who we want, what we want and where we want to be in 10 years.The specifics of said boyfriend don’t really matter that much.

As long as you have someone to send cute text messages to during the workday and be your new gym motivation, you feel completely fulfilled.

Your ideal relationship is more of a partner-in-crime who will get into all kinds of mischief.

Whether you’ve decided if you want them or not is another thing, but you can’t deny that it’s on your mind, especially when deciding on a potential partner.

In your late 20s, your partner has your back – not just your backside.

The only future you’re thinking about is where you guys will be having your next meal.

You’re a little bit jaded when it comes to life right now and could use a boyfriend who changes your perspective on that.