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Dating nigerian single mothers

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I knelt down, he prayed for his new bride and I asked him for garri money…he had to bring money from his pocket to give to me These Alaga’s can be very mischievoious…he was told to kiss my ring, forehead, my nose, my chin, then my chest….

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They can sing, and dance very well..funnier and well experienced an alaga is, the better. Another thing...these alaga's know how to collect money trust me. To be honest the night before the traditional wedding I ccouldn'tsleep because I was anxious, nervous, excited everything at once, before I slept it was almost morning. Time is flying by….before you know now we will be doing 50 years anniversary ehn by God’s grace. ) So you don't miss any of my videos click The event is usually flamboyant, Yoruba people like to party. I said I was going to upload the wedding photos since but I never got around to doing it. I can’t believe we’ve been married almost 3 months! In case you missed the parry, the traditional wedding was on the 17th of July…wow!Instead of just showing you pictures I will explain a bit of how it went in case you’re not familiar with Yoruba weddings. If you've been to any yoruba wedding ceremony you know its the same process everywhere.I would advice you to get some sleep, even drug yourself to sleep, I should have because I looked tired in a lot of the photos. By morning, my moms friends from Warri came to my room and some were singing, dancing…excitement!

The first thing I did was to look for food to eat, hungry bride-angry bride.

e yams, fruits, drinks, jewelry etc and I was asked to pick what I like there.

Traditionally the only thing you should pick there is a bible which is what I did, I danced with the bible to where Bobo was, I had to place his cap properly on his head as part of the traditional wedding, I swing the cap on my finger to show everybody before placing it on him.

We forgot the gele and jewelry of that outfit at home. When I told you we were disorganized you think say I dey lie?

Thats the job of the CBM but when the CBM is moy younger sister and the mother of two kids, you go sempe!

Everyone was running helter skelter, it was raining (sobs) and we were late to the venue. The hall looked very contemporary traditional and I was so happy with it!