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Dating scovill buttons

dating scovill buttons-61

1870’S FIRMIN & SON 1790’S; 1823-1840 FIRMIN & WESTALL 1800-1811 FIRMIN & LANGDALE 1812-1823 P & S FIRMIN 1840-1875 FIRMIN & SONS LD 1875-? 1860’S JACOB GMINDER 1858 HAMMOND TURNER & DICKINSON 1790-1800 HAMMOND TURNER & SONS 1823-1865 CLARENCE A.

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BOGETT 1825-1832 JOHN BOYLAN 1850-1880’S CAIRN & CO. 1840-1860’S CARTER / LOMBARD STREET LONDON 1790’S WILLIAM CRUMPTON 1807-1823 CULLEN BROWN 1840’S CUMNER JONES & CO. This is one of the things to look for with horn, also notice the striations of this natural material present with age.Here's a closer view at the tombac (also shown above) back. There are four large 23mm, about 15/16" buttons and two small, 13mm, about 9/16". The larger buttons are marked WATERBURY BUTTON CO * CONN * and the small buttons are marked WATERBURY BUTTON CO. W.& W, H M, PARIS", (Trelon, Weldon & Weill, Hartog, Marchand & Cie). Four Staff buttons; one large 15/16" and three smaller cuff size, about 9/16". 6 General Service uniform buttons from the Indian Wars era. The 3 small buttons are unmarked and two have some damage..the one on the left is bent and the one in the center has the loop missing from the back. The other button is the small cuff size and it has a plain shield with no Branch of Service letter on it. The 4 large and 6 small buttons were made by "THE LILLEY CO. The one small button with the wire is marked "SUPERIOR QUALITY. However the "M " and the "19" ,which are also on the back, remain a mystery. There are 11 buttons fastened to this card and in a plastic sleeve. 10 of them are ID'd as to their dates of use and the Backmarks of each example, they all are different.

There are 3 large buttons, two of them are backmarked HORSTMANN, PHILADA. I believe this to be a very early button for a Cub Scout's uniform. One large button is about 7/8" diameter and it has the "I" in the shield for INFANTRY. It retains about 50% of the gilt finish with a ding at the top of the ordnance bomb which can be seen in the first photo. I have not researched the rarity of these examples.

I cleaned the back just enough to read the makermark. There are 11 of these buttons with a variation of the Missouri State Seal on them. It was hard to research but I confirmed the maker, DUGOUR/PARIS was a French company.

I bought these reasonable and can sell them reasonable.


KLEIN & BRO 1870-1880 LAMBERT & MAST 1850-1865 LANE & CO.