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In its early years, such famous people as Governor Winthrop and Paul Revere visited the Town.George Washington dined at the home of Isaac Pratt.

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Of the 5.9 miles of developed land, 70% is used for housing.Reveres first inhabitants were Native Americans who belonged to the Pawtucket Tribe and were known as the Rumney Marsh Indians.Europeans first discovered Rumney Marsh when Englishmen explored the coast of New England in 1614. Many travelers, attracted by the fertile soil and lovely crescent beach, returned here to settle.Revere possesses a desirable location so close to Boston and yet in many ways, it is commercially self-sufficient with its own retail shopping malls, restaurants and recreational activity.« Show less Find your next Revere home with CENTURY 21 Real Estate.Our keyword search can help you find even more specific criteria.

If you'd like a glimpse at what life is like in Revere, try out our maps and photos, and get familiar with plenty of school information.

In 1906, Revere's greatest attraction ever, Wonderland Park, opened.

It was one of the nations earliest amusement parks.

The park suffered financial difficulties and closed in 1911.

It lasted only five years, but its impact is still felt today, in name and in the area.

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