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Elise's bags appear to have been loaded onto the ferry she was due to take, and arrived at Chumphon province where she should have caught a bus to the capital.Michele says police told her that Elise had been wrapped in old t-shirts or cotton shawls while an empty fuel bottle was found next to her.

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Four others were ruled suicides, while a Russian woman has still not been found after vanishing in February.As the men bray in protest at the size of the designer label shopping bills they are being asked to cover, the young women flash their doe-like black eyes.With steely resolve, these often very young, barely legal, women enforce their unwritten contracts against men who have deluded themselves into believing their May-December relationship is anything but the commercial opportunity that it is.She was also part of the Sathya Sai Baba cult and lived with a self-proclaimed 'guru'.She the island on April 17 to return to her native Belgium, Michele said.Frenchman Dimitri Povse, 29, was found hanged in a bungalow on the island on New Year's Day 2015 and his death was ruled as suicide despite his hands being tied behind his back.

In the most high-profile case, Brits Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were murdered as they walked back to their hotel rooms in September 2014.

Police told us that Elise hanged herself up in the jungle.

I cannot accept why my daughter should have killed herself.'She was normal in the last conversation and no signs of depression were visible.'I don't know why she would have booked a transfer to Bangkok and then went into the jungle to commit suicide.'I am devastated by events. We just want more information.'My daughter had been travelling for two and a half years in India, Australia and New Zealand and always back again to Thailand.'She lived there for months with Guru Raaman Andreas from Germany and two female friends.' The death on Koh Tao is the latest in a number of cases involving foreigners.

But mother Michele van Egten says she does not believe that version of events amid fears authorities are working to suppress a series of grisly tourist murders.

In the most high-profile case, Britons Hannah Witheridge, 23, and David Miller, 24, were killed as they walked along a beach to their hotel rooms back in 2014.

Michele said: 'I do not believe what the police have told us.