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Dating the wasr 10 romanian

Some WASRs are built from new production parts too.

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The fit and finish are solid, and there's plenty of room for accessories and finishing touches. I have all type of standard AK-47 magazines (Korean, Tapco, Russian, Croatian, etc.) and all fit perfect. The price was very good, shipping to my FFL in Florida was fast (despite Hurricanes). It's my go to war AK and it shoots within 2 MOA if I do my part. Other than that, the finish is nice, it shoots straight, easy to dismantle, no issues with 100 rounds through it, and its a blast to shoot. The wood is cheap so change that if you shoot much, other wise no horror stories you hear about the WASR of old. I had my fingers crossed the whole time while waiting for this rifle and when I finally took it out to test it, all the worrying I had done was for nothing. I thought I was going to have to put in some work to get everything working right but all it needed was to move the front sight post a hair to the right.Md63 is military (FA) style, WASR is semi only style. Md63 parts kits often come with all the original FCG, WASR has commercial Tapco FCG.WASR has "sharp" edges on rear sight leaf & other parts, Md63 is more rounded off.Just got my first AK47 and I must say after 300 rounds I'm hooked on these guns.

This has got to be the coolest gun I have ever shot.

Md63 is milled, beefier all around heavier duty part.

Md 63 Forwardmost rear trunnion rivet (1ea) is full receiver width, WASR (2ea) are short & only go throough the "ears" of the trunnion. WASR selector lever is thinner than Md63 where engages the trigger, Md63 is serialized, WASR is not.

I just wish Century would've paid more attention to the finish. especially around the front sight post and the bayonet lug was bare metal. Be sure to clean it before shooting it for the first time, the barrel and receiver was filled with metal fillings and would damage the rifle if not removed. I was a little skeptical buying a WASR after all the mixed reviews out there.

Everything was straight, good finish, smooth action.

These guns have the same quality as the ones built from PM63 parts, no worries. All that stuff some were saying here about 10 years ago about WASRs being built from substandard and/or rejected parts? At least, no one ever produced a scrap of evidence to back up their claims.