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The fact is that we have a president who simply doesn’t know the facts of his country’s development or he simply has an increasing and unflinching appetite for peddling falsehood, baseless, unwarranted, misguided and distorted truths to unduly favor his political linage.Our President is either sleeping or is been misled on his job and needs to be woken up.

Fellow Ghanaians, our President has lied and this time in a more profound way. Eugene Arhin in mind, should not be used as the scapegoat this time.It came to us as a shock when the first gentleman of the land dabbled in lies and epitomized ingratitude.Not only were the people of Jambusi, a rural community in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region shocked, they were also disappointed in the President’s ability to lie between his teeth and still look unworried.He stated at the commissioning of the $51.5 million Wa Water Project at Jambusi that the project was started by Ex-while Kuffour Administration and he was happy to be the one commissioning it.This is yet another desperate attempt at rewriting the history of Ghana, the goal of NPP on the few occasions they’ve assumed political leadership of this Country Ghana.Kolon Pyunghwa Limited of South Korea was the company that undertook the construction.

Prior to the Wa Water project, the NDC Government had secured a $5.8 million World Bank facility to improve the supply of water to Wa town and its environs which saw an increase of the groundwater supply to about 700,000 gallons of water a day from the initial inadequate 300,000 gallons of water a day.

Read details of the statement: PRESS RELEASE BY THE UPPER WEST REGIONAL COMMUNICATIONS TEAM: UNTRUTHFUL PRONUNCIATIONS BY H. NANA AKUFO ADDO AT THE COMMISSIONING OF THE WA WATER PROJECT AT JAMBUSI 03/10/2017 Ladies and Gentlemen, as part of the rich culture of Africa, truthfulness is admired and encouraged.

Parents are required to bring up their children and instill in them the character of truthfulness.

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During the execution of the project, then Korean ambassador to Ghana, Lyeo Woom-ki, visited the Region and inspected ongoing works in the company of the Exim Bank of Korea representative, Yu Jeonseon.