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Dating yoga woman

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And, I wanted to find a kind and genuine person who you would want to spend time with every day. For decades, she has taught 1000s of older adults how to reconnect with their bodies, become more mindful and establish healthy lifestyle habits.I had to travel thousands of miles, to beautiful Bali, but, I eventually found someone that I could be proud to work with. Now, I want her to help you to live a healthier and happier life through the practice of gentle chair yoga. As she explained, “This chair yoga series is so much fun.

If you have never tried chair yoga before, you probably have some questions.For starters, why would you even want to use a chair?You may also be wondering if chair yoga is effective as “regular” yoga. But, after going through this video series, I can say without reservation that chair yoga is a simple and effective way to reconnect with your body in your 50s, 60s or older.In fact, you could argue that it is our age group that needs yoga more than any other. I wanted to develop a series of videos that anyone can use, regardless of their weight, fitness level or confidence.If you have been practicing yoga for years, then this video series might not be for you.One of the main benefits of chair yoga for seniors is that it provides a little extra support and helps you to stay balanced.

This means that you can focus on connecting with your body rather than worrying if you are going to fall or stumble.

Then, in the second video, she goes deeper into your neck, shoulders, wrists and joints, helping you to unlock the tension in these areas.

Finally, in the third video, Cat helps you to increase the flexibility in your hips and legs, while improving your balance.

That’s why I set out to create a video series designed just for us. Cat doesn’t rush through the moves like so many “chair yoga for seniors” videos that I have seen.

The poses that Cat demonstrates offer an easy way to get started with chair yoga and provide a foundation for more advanced classes that you may take in the future.

Some of us are dealing with pain and almost everyone feels like they have too much stress in their lives. Isn’t it time that we reconnected with our bodies and gave them what they need to feel great again?