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While I get sent links to shorts by my friends and colleagues all the time, credit for overhauling my thinking about film integration goes to Muldoon (Mike Mc Cutchen) and his Saturday Shorts column . Please don’t just send your classes there and say “Watch things! Then I will feel bad and there will be emotional scarring.) It was a column of his several months back to turned me on to Miracle Fish, Luke Doolan’s Academy Award-nominated short that fit exceptionally well into Period One Gold’s recent discussions on gun control, school safety, and bullying. Know of any great short films that have made learning better in your neck of the woods?

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Elizabeth has an idea about what I am writing about.Have you ever read someone’s private journal (or your own? The protagonist was me in the sense that I was not really writing a novel, I was crafting a wannabe work that I, as myself, could star in. It was excruciating.” Pressfield says what helped him achieve “artistic distance” was to stop writing about himself and that he also stopped writing about anything that was true.) That’s “no artistic distance.” In those manuscripts the protagonist was me. So that I could think of myself as a real human being instead of the worthless, no-talent bum that I secretly believed myself to be. It only took 3 unpublished novels for him to get there. Somerset Maugham wrote the semi-autobiographical “as a means of exorcising childhood memories.” Ok, here’s the point Lori, semi-autobiographical, artistic distance.In other words, the stuff I was writing was therapy. I have to figure out how to create “artistic distance” in my own work.Maybe my first draft is vomit the should remain vomit.Maybe I was half asleep when I studied for an Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing several years ago. I started out in poetry and switched to creative nonfiction. No, I don’t have the essays saved on a disk or flash drive.

A flood in my apartment destroyed my essay/manuscript except for the poetry one.

Stephen Pressfield, author and screenwriter (The Legend of Bagger Vance) says ( “Artistic distance, as I define it, is the ability of the writer (or painter or filmmaker or entrepreneur) to stand in her mind at one remove from her work.

Artistic distance is the capacity of the artist to view her work objectively.

The questions I have to answer are: What is the question I am trying to answer by writing this novel? What good are my detailed and exquisite descriptions of surgery (one participant said they reminded her of horror scenes, yes I thought Dr. Common to this workshop and the low residency program MFA program I didn’t finish, are essential books to read. Though instead of reading for pleasure, I must read like a writer.

For example, one of the things I need to learn is how to create “artistic distance,” i.e.

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