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As a stylist, she works mainly with men, helping them select styles and buy clothes.To my delight she agreed to carry out an informal survey of women over 40 (contacted through Twitter, Facebook or social contacts) who’d tried internet dating.

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So I chatted to my other single older woman friends about it and it seemed to be a common problem. How difficult can it be to purchase a decent pair of straight-leg jeans, decent trousers a grey or navy t-shirt or sweatshirt and a smart pair of shoes, jacket, tie or suit?In the past, he worked as Senior Economist in the Human Development Department in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region of the World Bank, and as an economist designing and implementing impact evaluations in Africa.He has designed and implemented impact evaluations in agriculture, education, health, and social protection, in Brazil, the Gambia, Kenya, Mexico, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania. It was pretty clear what they didn’t like on their guys over 40: baggy jeans, bright logo tees, trainers, and poorly fitting clothes.Men tend to wear over-large garments, which look sloppy.Worn with a smart, plain t-shirt, polo shirt or casual shirt and perhaps a v-neck or half zip sweater, most felt that jeans are good weekend staples.

Many favoured boots for casual wear as an alternative to trainers – desert boots, Chelsea boots, Redwing boots all came up as ones they liked.

This is not cutting edge fashion; it’s just a smart, simple, casual and classic look that should be easy to achieve by shopping on our high streets.

Do men reach a certain age and give up on looking after themselves?

Most of the men I fancied were a good ten years younger than me.

They were the ones who stood out from the crowd – presenting themselves with a decent haircut, a smart shirt or cool t-shirt, some kind of “style” that said they still cared about their appearance.

He has taught economic development at the Pardee RAND Graduate School of Public Policy, and he holds a Ph.