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Derek hough and shannon dating

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In 2013, he starred in Make Your Move, a Romeo and Juliet-inspired South Korean-American independent dance film.

Leading lesson: Failure can't live in the company of perseverance."I was this scrawny little guy in Utah, and I would get punched in the face. I have a sense of 'Wow, wonder where they were in their minds?I can't speak for my partners, but I've become quite desensitized to touching somebody's hands or hips."It's all about intent, he adds. "If I'm grabbing a girl's hips, I'm grabbing them to help her to get to a movement. Derek says his parents' split was "an absolute pivotal moment for me. It was kind of a big deal to us, on top of it already being a big deal because of the (Mormon) community. For a short period of time I went off and was skipping school and getting into trouble. "We had a very strong sense of where we were going and goals.And doing the stereotypical child acting-out type of thing."So he (and sister Julianne) moved to England to live with dance pros Shirley and Corky Ballas, parents of Derek's fellow DWTS pro and best friend, Mark Ballas. Shirley was there driving us every single day and making sure we were going to practice, and she was at practice with us.On December 7, 2016, Hough played the role of Corny Collins in NBC's live musical TV-production, Hairspray Live!

All of his grandparents were dancers, and his parents met while on a ballroom dancing team in college in Idaho.

"No," he says, explaining that the show created a story line for them: Meryl became the coach, Maks became the student.

"I've always known this," says Hough, "but (Maks) is incredibly insecure.

With a total of nine nominations, he has won two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography for several routines that he choreographed for the show.

Hough has also starred in various stage productions, including the 2006 original production of Footloose: The Musical at the Novello Theatre in London's West End, as well as the 2015 New York Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

He doesn't immediately start leaping and twirling (nor does he pull us aside for a quick foxtrot, unfortunately), but he's happy to take a few airborne steps for photos and to share that a simple hip swivel is the easiest dance you can do.