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Diablo 3 stuck at updating tools 100

diablo 3 stuck at updating tools 100-71

Also they didn’t include some link but simply told me to go to battle net and get the goods there.

diablo 3 stuck at updating tools 100-56

When it first started all items were grayed out, but once the download proceeded some items became available. Both do essentially the same, they spawn the launcher that looks a lot like the installer. Let’s hope either wine or Blizzard makes some fixes so the thing will run soon.Until then we’re stuck on windows 🙁 After getting the thing running under windows (which was a lot easier) and logging onto battle net I immediately managed to get the first error.One of my friends sent me a friend request, which I clicked of course. (names removes from image) Other than that, and a disconnect fairly soon after starting the first game that felt like a “server is down” in World of Warcraft (I could move but my friend couldn’t see me move, we could chat though) the game plays quite nicely.This morning my mailbox opened up with an email inviting me to the Diablo 3 Beta.After checking the headers to make sure it wasn’t another battlenet phishing scam I noticed that the Received headers really came from, and they even signed the mail with a domainkey.I had to delete folder one more time, then it started downloading. I'd suggest sticky this thread, since I'm pretty sure with 200k more people with AP getting invites, more people are likely to get stuck on the same problem.

I actually have no idea why this fixed it, but this was the only thing I did. So sticky to not flood the forums with the same threads.

All participants can take screen shots, capture video, and/or publicly disclose information about their beta test experience.

Of course this wouldn’t be as much fun if we didn’t try to run it in wine first.

As usual with Diablo items are dropped left and right but so far we haven’t seen any items that needed identification.

Blue (magical) items are identified from the start. After helping out the blacksmith you are able to (for a fee) craft blue items.

It also works for the "Updating files..." progress bar error. page=1 TL; DR noob friendly version: This worked for me, I was finally able to log in after 1.5 days of failed attempts. Go to WTF/Find and edit SET gx Api "D3D11" to SET gx Api "D3D9" Start Launcher.