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Dna dating service

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If the Compatibility Score is lower than your threshold, then no further information about you is shared, and the only thing the other person will ever know is your Dating DNA Number, first name, and the Compatibility Score...nothing more.

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In a crowded field of online dating sites, Singld claims to be the first offering matches based on your DNA."There is a science behind attraction," said Elle France, co-founder of Singld, in an interview with USA TODAY Network.Your dna data files will be stored with DNA Romance so that updates can be applied to your profile, and the files can be destroyed at your direction by emailing .We do not guarantee long term storage of your samples, nor can they be retrieved from us in the future.European Journal of Personality, -94 This is fascinating, each of us are individuals and we each have a unique combination of several hundred genes corresponding to our immune responses which protect us from some diseases and not others, everyone is different and no one is the same (*except for monozygotic twins).No one person is resistant to every disease known to man.At DNA Romance, we are deciphering the essential elements behind the "scent of love" and the ideal personality combinations for successful relationships full of love.

We are pioneers in understanding of how DNA plays a role in human attraction and loving relationships.

Unlike traditional dating sites where literally anyone on the Internet can view your photos, read your personal information and then start contacting you, Dating DNA's unique approach keeps all your photos and personal information completely private, except from those who are compatible with you, and the rules YOU set.

You start by getting your own unique 9-digit Dating DNA Number, then simply exchanging your number with those you meet, either online or offline.

The site partners with Instant Chemistry, a service that tests DNA for "biological compatibility" in a long-term relationship.

How it works: You get an Instant Chemistry DNA kit in the mail when you sign up for a Singld Out membership. You spit in the tube, mail it to Instant Chemistry and get results in about a week, which are posted on your online dating profile.

Gmatch, a dating service founded by biology students from Munich, Germany is testing subjects’ DNA to find the most compatible gene pools.