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At the meeting, your doctor will discuss their ‘folder of evidence’, showing how they are meeting the GMC’s standards.

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The revalidation process is meant to improve the quality of medical care across the UK.This is so that you can be sure that your obstetrician or gynaecologist has met the standards needed to provide good care.Every year your doctor must have a meeting with their appraiser, a specially trained professional, to review and talk about his or her work.The appraiser will make sure that there are no concerns about the way the doctor is doing his or her job.All doctors must have an annual appraisal for each of the five years to be able to revalidate.Once every five years, all this information will be passed to the ‘Responsible Officer’, a senior doctor in a healthcare organisation who will make a recommendation to the GMC.

The GMC will make the final decision whether to revalidate a doctor or not.

Feedback can be separate from any formal complaint you may want to make about your doctor.

You can give feedback in various ways, including: At least once during the five-year revalidation cycle, all doctors must ask for feedback from their colleagues.

Every doctor that is licensed to practice, whether working in the NHS or in private hospitals, must go through revalidation every five years.

Your doctor has regular appraisals with their employer.

Feedback from patients helps doctors to improve communication with patients and with the patients’ families and carers.