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Merely perceiving their true form - even psychically - typically results in blindness, as the appearance of their natural "visage" is overwhelming; it is capable of burning an individual's eyes from their sockets, although certain "special people" are able to withstand their true appearances and voices.Because their true appearances cannot be safely perceived by humans and because they are spirits with no physical being, they often take on humans as vessels in order to exist in and interact with the physical world, though only with the hosts' consent.

Occasionally, the recurring guest storylines will span multiple seasons.Believed dead, this was merely a cover as he left Heaven, taking a number of the weapons with him.Since faking his own death, he has been on Earth enjoying a rather hedonistic lifestyle.However, most angels have not actually met or spoken to God.The highest-ranking angels currently command the lesser-ranking, their former leader God having disappeared and left the angels to protect humanity in His place.This is revealed to have been a ploy by Balthazar and Castiel to allow the latter to retrieve the weapons from their true location while Raphael was distracted.

A suspicious alias used by Balthazar in 1912 leads to the brothers summoning Balthazar in "My Heart Will Go On".

The series also features recurring appearances from other demons, angels, and hunters.

The following characters are angels of God, making them extremely powerful spiritual beings.

Sam asks him if there is any way to keep a soul out of its body.

Balthazar informs him of a ritual that involves him defiling his vessel, his reason for helping Sam being that he would find it useful to have Sam in his debt.

Castiel pulls out of the plan to kill Atropos once she threatens the Winchesters, stopping Balthazar from killing her.