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Dubai cultivates an ultra-modern image of dazzling architecture and effortless wealth.

The partly restored walls of it large square fortified iron foundry, about 200 feet square, are today housed under a metal hangar.They’re like a smaller ver­sion of the great Inca stone walls at Machu Picchu, except that those are relatively recent constructions at a mere 500 years old, whereas the stonework on the Hili tomb is 4,700 years old.Moving forwards 2,000 years, iron had replaced bronze and was revolutionizing life in the Arabian peninsula, and a key location for producing and working iron was Mleiha, a fortified town on the edge of the desert near Al Dhaid, roughly an hour’s drive from Dubai.Excavations have revealed two iron-foundries, producing both weapons and coins, protected by the fort and surrounded by many houses, indicating that a significant number of people lived and worked there.Iron ingots and finished products were transported from Mleiha north to the coast at Tell Abraq and Ad-Dur, from where they were shipped up the Persian Gulf to customers in Mesopotamia and the Levant.Bedrosian issued a leadoff walk to Michael Taylor but retired the next three batters with relative ease.

He has earned three saves in the last six days and may suddenly be the guy to own in the Angels' bullpen, though Kenyan Middleton, Blake Parker, and Yusmeiro Petit are still seemingly in the ninth-inning mix. Bedrosian, Keynan Middleton and Yusmeiro Petit have each nailed down saves over the past few weeks, as manager Mike Scioscia is using the true definition of closer-by-committee since banishing Bud Norris to low-leverage situations.

Nearby Ad-Dur lies on the coast opposite modern Umm al-Quwain and is an enormous site about four miles across.

It is easy to explore, the stones of its ancient houses lying undisturbed amongst the coastal sand dunes.

He's still interesting, but he's droppable in mixed leagues now.

Yasmani Grandal hit the homer, the first allowed by Bedrosian in 12 innings this year and just the second in 52 1/3 innings since the beginning of last year.

There is no question that Dubai is the ultimate 21 century city.