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Dwt not updating all pages

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However, keeping the name short and descriptive is a good practice. But many designers also append the name of the company or organization to help build more corporate or organizational awareness. Many search engines use the page title in the listings of a search result.The name is used solely within Dreamweaver and has no other bearing on the HTML code. By adding a title placeholder with the company name in the template, you will save time typing it in each child page later. If you don’t supply one, the search engine will pick one of its own.

Maximize the program window to fill the entire screen. Insert the cursor in the heading text Editable Region. In the New Editable Region dialog, type main_content in the Name field. Each editable region must have a unique name, but no other special conventions apply. Each title should reflect the specific content or purpose of the page. In the Document Title field of the Property inspector, select the placeholder text .Look in the Lesson & Update Files tab to access the most current content.Dreamweaver’s productivity tools and site-management capabilities are among its most useful features for a busy designer. An untitled dialog appears, asking whether you want to update links. Since the template is saved in a subfolder, updating the links in the code is necessary so that they will continue to work properly when you create child pages later.If they do not, not all pages have been updated with your changes.Microsoft Expression Web uses metadata to maintain the cross-page dependencies that are required for some Expression Web features.In Design view, you will see the new region name in a blue tab above the designated area identifying it as an editable region. You also need to add an editable region to Sidebar 1 and Sidebar 2. Let’s replace the generic placeholder with one geared for this website. A description is a type of summary of a page that succinctly describes the contents in 25 words or less. This means that this metadata will be locked on all child pages, and you will not be able to customize it for that page.

Each of these sidebar regions contains text placeholders that you can customize on each page. Over the years, web developers have tried to drive more traffic to their sites by writing misleading titles and descriptions or outright lies. Type Meridien Green Start Association - add description here. Dreamweaver has added the two metadata elements to the page. Luckily, Dreamweaver comes to the rescue by providing an editable section designed for metadata just like this.

In order to use these features, you need to add metadata to your site.

Metadata is stored in special folders which are hidden by default.

The template workflow functions only in Design and Code views.

You can also access site templates from the New Document dialog.

In many cases, the contents of the title and the description metadata will appear verbatim in the results page of a search. Once a child page has been created from a template, only the content within the editable regions can be modified in the child page.