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Edmonton girl on cam

Laxamana’s original “shaming” video has been removed from the Internet, but a bootleg recording of the video appears to show Laxamana in her family’s garage.Sporting a fresh, jagged haircut, she stares at the camera as a man, reportedly her father Jeff, films her. I reached over because somehow my phone flung to other side of the car.

Days before the teen’s death, Laxamana’s father cut off her hair on camera in an apparent attempt to shame his daughter for “getting messed up.” Suicides, especially teen suicides, are a complex matter.“I saw a long black ponytail as she was falling,” Frutos told The Washington Post.“Afterwards, I kept picturing her falling over and over and over again in my mind.” Frutos is far from the only person who will have trouble forgetting Izabel Laxamana’s hair.She would like to think that her car helped absorb some of the impact, giving Laxamana time to say goodbye to her family before passing away in a hospital the following day.Frutos even went to Laxamana’s school, Giaudrone Middle School, later that night to see the candlelight vigil. “This is gross.” Frutos said friends and doctors have warned her she could suffer post traumatic stress disorder.Her beautiful dark locks are at the center of Laxamana’s strange, sad and controversial story.

Laxamana died on May 30, roughly 24 hours after throwing herself off an interstate overpass in Tacoma, Wash., and onto Frutos’s passing car.

The video is just the latest in a growing trend of “shaming” videos, in which angry parents around the country seek to discipline disobedient children by filming their humiliation.

The videos are then uploaded to websites like You Tube or Facebook where the child’s friends can watch.

“To put this in perspective, these are two tragic and separate incidents,” said city spokeswoman Janice Schroeder on Wednesday.

“We move thousands of people over thousands of kilometres every single day.” It’s unclear why 2016 saw two fatal collisions.

“I’m never going to forget about this little girl,” Frutos said.