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This basically involved placing code similar to the following into every MVC view where you wanted Intelli Sense to show up: Well, since the release of Visual Studio 11 Beta, and the recent release of Visual Studio 2012 RC (Visual Studio 2012 is now the formal name of Visual Studio 11) we now no longer have to perform the above hack and clutter up our MVC views in order to enjoy the benefits of Intelli Sense.

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At the very least adding the above to the j Query function itself brings a sufficient payback during development.Thankfully j Query is well documented with easy to find documentation and examples.Note that in order to get the basic VS Intellisense to work on any function you only need to add this below the function declaration: So if you want to be sly about this just cut and paste this line into a few of the core functions you use a lot (like filter, find, each etc.) and that return a j Query object for chaining and you're a long way to getting useful Intellisense functionality for a few minutes worth of work.For those interested, the source can be found on the ASP. In this screencast, you will learn how to get the most out of Java Script programming with Share Point 2010 projects in Visual Studio 2010.Intellisense in Visual Studio is severely hampered by the fact that once you assign a function value to a variable you lose all use of Intellisense with the variable.

Sticking with the j Query theme here, the following doesn't do well: In this code I'm reusing the j Query instance rather than making calls to the function repeatedly, but as soon as I assign to j Ctl all Intellisense goodness is gone even though the parser inheritently understands what j Query() is and what it returns.

If you don't do anything and leave j as is you only get some limited supoport.

What's new is that the parsing doesn't fail and because of it doesn't break parsing of other Java Script files.

Previously working with j Query got you - well, nothing because the the Intellisense parser didn't properly parse the j Query source file and so failed to produce any Intellisense for anything in the j Query library.

The problem is that j Query is basically one big function and since it failed to parse - you got nothing .

If you don't pause your video player at the right time, you might miss the location of the Share Point Java Script files.