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Error validating users agent

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A unique identifying name for each Agent registration is preferred.However: : A particular Base URL can be registered once only.

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If necessary, and if the input queue subdirectories are empty, you can rename the original input queue directory and then manually recreate it, along with its required subdirectories.If the MTA starts successfully, then encounters a memory error later during otherwise normal processing, some other program on the server, or another agent thread, might have temporarily used a large quantity of memory.The MTA is in the process of clearing out a backlog of messages and is not accepting any additional messages into its queues.During registration, you can identify specific applications to be protected by Access Manager policies.This chapter includes the following topics: This section describes OAM Agent registration parameters.I defined a policy which allows "Authenticated Users" to access the resource: "

_______________________________________________ Visit the Open AM forum at AM mailing list [hidden email] I have Open AM 12.0.0 on a machine and the agent "Apache_v22_Linux_64bit_4.0.0-SNAPSHOT" (Build date: Oct 27 2015) on a separate machine where Apache resides.

This is useful in a high-availability failover environment.

To do this: Check the box beside IP Validation to ensure a client's IP address is the same as the IP address stored in the OAM session.

This may include formats such as email addresses or telephone numbers.

can also be used to indicate that a required field has not been filled in.

When enabled, the IP address stored in the OAM session must match the client's IP address.