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Error when updating

error when updating-10

I did not get any error message when running the fix although the items were not inserted and the column name was already in the db-table. With a log created a professional could asses it manually later. If now any extension is listed the code is there but the #__extensions entry is missing.

184 database changes did not alter table structure and were skipped. I guess the last id for plug-ins should have bin 478.Verify that the source exists and that you can access it. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it.Or, contact the application vendor to verify that it is a valid Windows Installer patch package.See Error 1327 | "Invalid Drive" | Install | CS4, CS5, Acrobat, Reader.Alternative solution: This error sometimes appears when a drive is mapped for the user and the installer is running in a system context.Sometimes, you can browse for the resource by using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and trying to repair the application.

When the dialog appears indicating that the resource is unavailable, browse the needed file.

If you cannot resolve the problem after using the Fix it wizard, see the solutions in Error 1606 | Install | Acrobat 8, 9 | CS4.

The installation source for this product is not available.

I hope no one will update the extension using a hardcoded id. Note that this only happened on one of dozens of sites I ran the same upgrades on.

A number of my clients have reported the issue as well.

If you cannot uninstall, install, or update the program after using the Fix it wizard, see the solutions in Error 1714 | Acrobat, Reader.