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Ethan ruan dating

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Although Wallace Huo is now happily married to Ruby Lin, he acknowledged Chen Qiao-En as his first girlfriend after they co-starred in Even while they were filming the romantic drama, Chen Qiao-En and Wang Kai were rumored to be dating.

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Naturally, a biological reaction occurred when Regina touched him inside his pants, and Ethan felt embarrassed afterwards.Both actors have said they're just friends, but perhaps there is something more? Chen Qiao-En is taking on a character that is quite different from her usual roles.Shirley (Chen Qiao-En) is a Chinese American photographer for the National Geographic.The two watched a movie together, and were seen heading towards Tiffany's home soon after.He was also spotted leaving the residential area in a taxi.Some tabloids reported that the man in question is veteran actress Li Xiang's son, who is two years older than Tiffany and is currently working in mainland China.

When asked about it, however, Tiffany's agency stressed that the two of them are just friends.

No wonder fans have nicknamed her "Queen of Romance." She is also famous for being linked to many leading men with whom she co-starred.

However, only one real-life romance has been officially confirmed. Fated to Love You (2008) with Ethan Ruan - Their intertwining love story that began with an accidental encounter was so enchanting that it remains the highest-rated drama ever in Taiwan.

, a story set in the 1960s, Ethan disclosed some interesting tidbits that occurred while filming an intimate scene with costar Regina Wan (萬茜), who portrays an army camp prostitute.

In the scene, Ethan, who portrays a virgin, is supposed to act confused but aroused when Regina kisses him. To prepare for this scene, Ethan added extra protection in the front of his pants.

(Photo source:" data-reactid="18" 19 Oct - Rumour has it that Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu is now dating somebody new.