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Eva larue dating now

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Actually, to be clear, our characters got married first, and then life imitated art!

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She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter, Kaya, and 2 spoiled dogs.And to be honest, because my kid didn’t crawl, walk, talk or read early (she was smack in the 60% bracket), I wondered who she would be and how she would turn out.Well, she turned out to be what I call my Kick Butt Princess!I’m sure that millions of mom’s across the nations can attest to the fact that It is the catalyst that thrusts us into a crazy, never ending work cycle.I was driven, like my butt was on fire, by the fear of being the sole financial supporter, and trying, as deftly as possible, to navigate the emotional landmines of resentment and anger because of it.Part girly, girl and part rough and tumble tomboy (competitive cheerleader and first base softball player).

Her talent has turned out to be writing and public speaking.

Hope you enjoy her story of being a triumphant single Mom:) xo Lisa & Liz I misspent my 20’s, and a few years into my 30’s in typical, self involved, actress mode, building my career and becoming quite the travel addict!

My then husband, John Callahan, (my daughter Kaya’s father) and I met and married in New York while we were working on the soap opera All My Children together.

She wants absolutely nothing to do with an acting career even though she’s the spawn of two overly dramatic thespians- Who can blame her!

When she was 12 , she wrote a profoundly moving tribute to Robin Williams after his death that went viral and was eventually picked up and published for the Hollywood Foreign Press/Golden Globe website.

It became this beautiful opportunity to create an incredible depth of emotional communication, awareness and closeness, on a very spiritual level.