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Eva longoria lake bell dating

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Shortly after finishing, she returned to the states to begin her career as an actor.In 2002, Lake's very steady acting career began with her first role in Speakeasy and a couple guest appearances on the hit hospital drama ER.

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In a world where talented but underemployed people often become multitaskers to control their own destiny . And if you’ve ever wondered about the folks who spout such hyperbolic come-ons for a living on every other movie trailer you’ve ever seen . Bell smartly cast herself — and wrote some very funny dialogue for herself — as Carol Solomon, a struggling thirtysomething voice-over artist, who’s still living at home with her father, Sam (Fred Melamed), a living legend in the world of voice-over artistry, and feeling more than a little uncomfortable and intimidated while in his imposing shadow.– which she wrote, directed and starred in – seemed rooted in a small, quirky plot straight out of a Christopher Guest mockumentary.Her film explores the world of voice-over actors, where the stakes are high, groupies exist and back-stabbing is no big deal when it comes to landing a hot summer movie trailer.To be sure, he does this for typically self-serving reasons — he wants Carol out of the way so his much younger girlfriend (Alexandra Holden) can move in — but the eviction serves not only as a means to propel the plot, but also as additional incentive for Carol to push even harder to establish herself in a field traditionally dominated by men like her father.And, not incidentally, like Gustav Werner (Ken Marino), Sam’s evident heir apparent in the world of voice-overing, a preening cad whose charms make him unfortunately irresistible, briefly, to Carol. persuasively depicts various specifics of the world where Sam is a god, Gustav is an ascending star, and Carol would settle for being gainfully employed.In 20, Lake took a handful of small roles in popular films including It's Complicated as Alec Baldwin's wife, alongside Meryl Streep, and the voiceover for the fourth Shrek film, Shrek Forever After.

Later that year, Bell made her writing and directing debut in a short film, Worst Enemy, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and an won award for best screenwriting.

She then exceeded the goal, and then some, by taking home the festival's prestigious Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award.

"Once I was accepted as a competition film, I was floored.

However, the film is more than just a low-budget..., out today, quickly moves past the goofy voice-over structure to explore relationships between grown daughters and their aging fathers, as well as peer into recapturing former fame and gender politics that exist in performance careers.

Random Notes: Hottest Rock Pictures"I'm interested in interpersonal relationships – I obsess over them," Bell tells , was accepted into Sundance, a major turning point in her career.

Lake Bell and Scott Campbell have tied the knot on Saturday (June 1) in New Orleans, La.