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These are the voice parameters as specified by the designer of the character.You can change them of course with the various settings.

Click the agent character once to pause reading, click it again to resume. Instant Messaging: Cyber Buddy will now change the speaking character to the character and voice of the sender in Instant Messaging. If you do not have the character of the sender, the character will not change.Here's what my Hip Chat Room List looked like at some point: You have the lobby, a one-on-one room my buddy Romain, the private room for the Atlassian Practice, the public Tec Sol Com R3D room, and another one-on-one room with Aleksandar Mincic.After some drag and drop, here's what it looks like: Now we're good.The size of text read from the clipboard is not limited by the size of the "Read" screen in Cyber Buddy. You can now define a separate character for sending Instant Messages. You no longer have to have Windows Dialup networking installed to use Cyber Buddy. In the receive screen, next to the sender's name, you will see the name of the character they are using.This is the character that will come up in your friends Cyber Buddy when you send them messages. In addition, Cyber Buddy will now read documents that previously merely reported that a document was attached. If you were in "away mode" when the message was received, the time the message was received will be shown. In fact, even without Power Point, you can have him bring up and explain Text documents, Word documents, Excel documents etc.

You can now use Cyber Buddy as a partner while giving presentations with Power Point or other screen media.

Similarly to what we've just seen with Keyboard Shortcuts, slash commands will also save you a lot of time.

It goes like this, you use a command (preceded by slash, hence the name) and maybe an argument.

We always underestimate the value of keyboard shortcuts but you should really learn to master these.

The full and up to date list can be found in the Official Hip Chat Shortcut Documentation.

When you update to this new version, go to the Story Page.