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When you click on My Matches you will see some profiles that we think would be good for you based on your location as well as what you have selected in your "Account Settings".For example, if you have set your preferred age range as 28 to 42 then you will see profiles of people in this age range - but ONLY those who desire YOUR age. To add or delete photos on your profile click on the “My Photos” button.

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If this happens, that scammer is able to view profiles or send a few private messages or winks before we retroactively ban the person.Your account will be reactivated immediately and all of your data will be restored. “Account Settings” lets you filter who can contact you and manage your email notifications.You can customize your settings so that ONLY certain people can contact you.There are plenty of lousy people out there that try to exploit the generosity and kindness of others.We think this is the lowest kind of betrayal and guard our Christian Dating for Free registered members as best we can.However, if for example they close the Christian Dating For website window by clicking the X at the top right- without Logging Off first- then we can have no way of knowing that they wanted to log off.

In this case, the "Online Now" will continue to appear for 1 hour.

“Show on Profile” will allow everyone that sees your profile to see this image.

“Private Image” keeps your photo hidden from your profile but you will have the option to add it to a Private Message, making it only visible to those that you choose to send it to.

However, we cannot keep all of these nuisances out all of the time.

If you suspect that someone is trying to con you or someone else, if someone has asked you to send money, if someone is trying to sell you something or promote a product or a website, we encourage you to CONTACT US and let us know.

What you choose here will combine with the information on your Profile in order to find out what people are the right matches for you and create your "My Matches".