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Forms of dating artifacts

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Each charge restored to an item drains 1 charge from the glowstone.

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The axe is intelligent (Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 10), neutral good, and considers itself female.By concentrating on a specific object or location and making a successful Knowledge check (of a DC appropriate to the magnitude of the knowledge), The wielder can learn basic information about that topic.Strong conjuration, divination, and illusion; CL 15th.The diamond scepter was created by Chomylla centuries before the destruction of the Lorelands (as the elf realm of Uvarean in the west central forest was known) by a falling star.Chomylla was among the few survivors, thanks to her visit to the coronal.A new blast scepter has 50 charges when created, but most are hundreds of years old and usually have only 1-10 charges when found.

A blast scepter is self-identifying and has the following powers: : 13th; Weight: 6 lb.

Strong abjuration, conjuration, divination, evocation, transmutation; CL 15th; Weight 1 lb.

Source: Dragons of Faerûn The diamond scepter of Chomylla is one of at least three long-lost lore scepters of Uvarean.

By command, this is forged of an alloy of silver and steel, with runes of power along the blade, a handle of solid steel wrapped in blue dragonskin, and a star sapphire in the pommel.

The edges of the axe blade shimmer with a faint blue glow (shedding light equal to a candle).

The secrets of creating these items, if indeed they were ever known to mortal beings, are lost to the depths of time. In other cases, several examples of an item exist, scattered across the lands of Faerûn.