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Some E-Books will only be available online, while others will be available to download in full or in part.You may choose to use the E-Book as an alternative to purchasing a physical copy of the text. *E-Book Option: An online version of one or more of your texts is available at no cost as a Penn State Libraries E-Book, which is indicated by an asterisk (*).

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For questions or issues, you can contact the University Libraries Reserve Help ([email protected] The guide will connect you to important pages and resources within Penn State Libraries and save time from you searching for the information you need.It is your responsibility to keep up with your assignments.Students with an excused absence (hospitalization, jury duty, or family emergency) may be asked to produce proper documentation in order to make up graded work.For detailed directions about an individual assignment, see the assignment information under Modules.You can expect meaningful feedback on assignments within SEVEN days of their due date.This course has been developed to promote asynchronous learning.

The instructor and students do NOT meet on a designated day and time each week.

During our study of the ancient Greeks, students will see the importance of studying this fascinating and important culture, both as it relates to history and to our own day.

Throughout the term, you will participate in weekly discussions and take nine quizzes and two exams.

Please be aware that Canvas follows the Eastern Time (ET) time zone.

Assignment due dates adhere to this time zone, and it is your responsibility to submit assignments accordingly.

Five quizzes are due prior to the Midterm Exam and the remaining four quizzes are due prior to the Final Exam.