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So during a diet, all of a dieter's nightmares come together: higher protein turnover combined with a lower levels of T3, IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor, one of the strongest muscle building hormones), leptin, and testosterone. Because not only will you not lose any more fat, you will actually look worse than before.The loss of muscle will create a skinny fat version of yourself, the type you can see on most treadmills in the country. Testosterone, human growth hormone, and insulin are injected, combined with oral thyroid medication, thereby restoring the hormonal imbalances. We need to find a way to manipulate the body’s hormones for a short time. In order to prevent the above-mentioned adaptations, it is necessary to increase the calories and to refeed every five to seven days.

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This ensures the glycogen gets taken into the muscle.The answer depends on how much of a calorie deficit you are in and what kind of diet is you are following. If someone goes into a really deep deficit (cutting calorie intake by 50% while still training hard), a cheat day would actually be needed.So you are dieting, cutting your calories, upping the cardio, etc.The credit card balance is your muscle and liver glycogen; the savings account your fat cells.Too bad this awesome window is only open twenty-four hours.Most diets these days allow for some sort of cheat meal or cheat day during the week.

This makes sense because it enables the dieter to stick with the plan while allowing for some light at the end of the tunnel.

So our 100 lb dieter would be eating 400 to 500 grams of carbohydrates and 100 grams of protein. Adding carbohydrates to a diet at this particular point, as opposed to protein or fats, has several advantages.

Leptin, insulin, and blood sugar levels are being up-regulated, but due to the temporary lack of enzymes, the body is unable to store body fat.

All this happens despite training and after only several days, not months, of dieting. A refeed is basically an intelligent cheat day where calories are increased to anywhere from 130 percent to 150 percent above maintenance.

Very soon you’ll reach a plateau; no fat is lost and instead lean body mass is sacrificed. Increasing the calories for a short period of time reverses the process described above.

A cheat meal also prevents the metabolism from dropping.