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But I’m also afraid that if it comes out and I knew, Mary and other mutual friends will be really angry at me for not saying anything.

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I also don’t want to betray Sara’s trust and I think Mary might confront Sara and maybe get physical if she found out (Mary has told me some “crazy ex-girlfriend” stories).Whether or not you decide to tell Mary—it’s clear her marriage is in absolute shreds, regardless—ask yourself why keeping silent about unpleasant topics is so much more important to you than honesty, kindness, respecting the boundaries of others, and general good manners. We meet frequently for play dates, the kids are best friends, and the husband and I do similar work, so we have lots to talk about.They both, however, have a bit of social anxiety and depression; they also talk about how tight money is, though given their spending habits and the number of vacations they go on, I don’t think it’s THAT tight.), presumably they’re eager to make things right, as well as have their rescue dog given special training until it can be trusted around people.While I don’t recommend opening with “legally you’re obligated to pay this,” I do think it’s entirely fair for you to tell them you received a bill for your medical expenses and to ask them to pay for it.Are you, I don’t know, four times better than anyone else he’s ever slept with?

I don’t see how your boyfriend’s tattoo is anything other than ridiculous, and the fact that he refuses to speak to you until you apologize for not finding the sexual scorekeeping affixed to his back somehow complimentary to you speaks volumes about him. “Darling, I’m terribly sorry that I insufficiently appreciated your sacrifice in permanently commemorating how much better I am in bed than your previous girlfriends on your back, in pearl form, without asking me if I wanted you to. The tattoo itself is silly, but not necessarily a reason to end an otherwise good relationship.

Do your four pearls represent the classical elements, which he finds to be perfectly balanced in you?

The four cardinal virtues of antiquity, which he feels you embody?

We all thought she was just being drunk and dramatic, but now I’m wondering if this is a pattern.

I always thought I would tell a friend if her husband was cheating on her, but now that I’m actually confronted with it, I’m conflicted.

I feel like I’m in an impossible position here and I have no idea what I should do!