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The Genie welcomes the audience to the middle-eastern city of Agrabah.He notes that Agrabah is a very diverse place, full of revered nobles, misfits, and even a few villains ("Arabian Nights").

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After a brief scuffle with the authorities, he takes Jasmine to his hideout, where they each reveal their unhappiness in their own lives ("A Million Miles Away").The Sultan demands that Jasmine must marry a noble prince before her birthday, which is only three days away.Jasmine laments the situation to her handmaidens ("These Palace Walls").Jasmine is discovered by the authorities and taken back to the palace.Aladdin is ordered to be killed, but he is saved by Jafar and Iago, who lead Aladdin to the Cave of Wonders ("Diamond in the Rough").Aladdin is a musical based on the 1992 Disney animated film of the same name with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Howard Ashman, Tim Rice and Chad Beguelin. The musical includes three songs written for the film by Ashman but not used there and four new songs written by Menken and Beguelin.

The story follows the familiar tale of a poor young man who is granted three wishes by a genie in a lamp, which he uses to woo a princess and to thwart the sultan's evil Grand Vizier.

This news also disturbs the Sultan's Grand Vizier, Jafar, who wishes to usurp the throne himself.

He and his assistant, Iago, search for a way to enter the "Cave of Wonders", a mysterious cavern in the desert said to hold untold power.

Australian native, Ainsley Melham, played the role of Aladdin, American actress, Arielle Jacobs, played the role of Princess Jasmine, and American actor, Michael James Scott, played the role of Genie in the original Australian production.

The Sydney and Melbourne production also performed an autism-friendly adaptation of the show which had the "removal of strobe lighting and pyrotechnics, reduction of any jarring sounds and house lights being dimmed (instead of off)" in order to provide a more supportive environment for autistic patrons.

Following performances in Sydney, Aladdin transferred to Melbourne in April 2017.