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Amber Batts, a 41-year-old former sex worker and operator of a prostitution network in Alaska, was locked up for five and a half years on Monday, convicted of sex trafficking and violating probation.Batts ran a statewide prostitution network, and the women who she handled, represented and protected now want her set free.

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ARG, referring to the trial phase of the Aperture Science Cooperative Testing Initiative.","link Href":"\/wiki\/File: UNKNOWN.png","title":"UNKNOWN.png","db Key":"UNKNOWN.png"},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,]" data-expanded="0"\n\n","caption":"Early models with red eyes.","link Href":"\/wiki\/File: Portal_2_PC_Gamer_01.jpg","title":"Portal 2 PC Gamer 01.jpg","db Key":"Portal_2_PC_Gamer_01.jpg"},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,]" data-expanded="0"1500 Megawatt Heavy Duty Super-Colliding Super Button · Advanced Knee Replacement · Aerial Faith Plate · Announcement System · ATLAS and P-body · Borealis · Core Input Receptacle · Crusher · Edgeless Safety Cube Receptacle · Edgeless Safety Cube · Emergency Intelligence Incinerator · Excursion Funnel · Frankenturret · GLa DOS · Hard Light Bridge · High Energy Pellet · Jerry · Laser Field · Long Fall Boot · Material Emancipation Grill · Military Android · Mobility Gels: Conversion Gel / Propulsion Gel / Repulsion Gel · Multitasking Arm · Nanobot · Panel · Party Escort Bot · Personality Construct · Pipe Network · Pneumatic Diversity Vent · Cube Button · Radio · Reassembly Machine · Relaxation Vault · Robot Enrichment · Robot Worker · Scaling Cube · Security Camera · Shredder · Speaker System · Stasis Chamber · Switch · Teleportation · Thermal Discouragement Beam · Unstationary Scaffold · Victory Lift · Vital Apparatus Vent · Weighted Pivot Cube · Weighted Storage Cube · Wheatley Anti-Mass Spectrometer · Battery · Black Mesa Announcement System · Charger · Delivery cart · HEV Suit · Holographic Assistant · Long Jump Module · Medkit · The Mesa Times · MTM 8 · Retinal scanner · Satellite Delivery Rocket · Armor Vest and Helmet · Teleportation · Vehicles · Weapon Box · Weapons Battery · Breencast · Charger · Citadel Core · Citadel · Barricade · Binoculars · Bunker · Camera · Cell · Confiscation Field · Dark Energy · Depot · Dispenser · Door lock · Dr.As said above, the robots were designed with anthropomorphic personalities to facilitate their humanization.These personalities are expected to develop during the course of the game.Over the course of their testing, GLa DOS tries to drive them apart in various ways, only to fail each time.She eventually concludes that they simply lack the capacity to betray each other.Examples of anthropomorphism go from simple to complex behaviors.

For instance, the results of the Aperture Science Collaborative Disposition Test tell that ATLAS is brave and fearless, willing to take on any challenge, while P-body is inquisitive and sensitive, examining the situation with care before proceeding, however, the co-op intro shows the opposite.

They are respawned through Vital Apparatus Vents if destroyed.

Duplicate robots are constantly built by automated machines, apparently keeping the memories and behavior of the previous incarnations.

Both value friendship, making them the ideal testing partners.

Other anthropomorphic behaviors include making gestures to each other to indicate the other what to do or where to go, using some form of speech embodied by an apparently unintelligible robotic chatter (ATLAS having a masculine voice, P-body having a more feminine voice), using portals for fun and not only for testing, using some form of laughter, playing rock-paper-scissors, or hugging each other.

Each robot's portal gun produces two distinct colors of portal (ATLAS' are blue (primary) and violet (secondary); P-body's are yellow (primary) and red (secondary)).