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They also cook their own meals from ingredients they purchase from a local Winn Dixie, where they get a weekly food allowance of $60.When they're not in groups, residents are allowed a considerable amount of freedom to watch TV or talk on the phone.

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(Cottage-dwellers and clients of BHOPB's men’s and women’s residences detox together.After leaving there, clients are transported, depending on their insurance and budget, to one of three very different facilities: Wealthier clients usually prefer the more luxurious seaside residences in West Palm Beach while those with solid insurance opt for BHOPB's single-gender residences in, respectively, West Palm and Singer Island. All of Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches' facilities are located within 10 miles of one another.While they're in detox (typically for five days), clients are lodged in spacious double rooms at night, and attend educational groups during the day; in the evenings.In the afternoon, after a brief siesta, clients attend “track” groups focusing on youth (25 and under), pain management, anger management, nutrition, HIV and Hep.C, anxiety, and grief and loss and trauma, among other topics.This choose-your-own-adventure rehab provides a multi-site experience with an equally diverse range of treatments.

Whether you find what you're looking for depends largely on the depth of your pockets.

The Seaside Residence is BHOPB’s high-end residence, which has reportedly housed such celebrities as Miami Dolphins Ray Lucas and former NBA star Spencer Haywood.

It boasts modern furniture, queen-sized beds, and marble kitchen countertops. Drivers ferry the Seasiders to meetings in SUVs rather than the 15-person vans used to transport the rehab's less well-heeled patients, and a fleet of housekeepers keep the place spotless.

For dual-disordered addicts who have good insurance or unlimited funds, BHOPB offers a variety of diverse and far-flung treatments.

All the van rides and location switching may be oddly comforting for restless addicts.

In contrast to the one-stop shopping offered at most treatment centers, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches (BHOPB) is all over the place—literally.