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Funny dating video youtube

You also wouldn’t think it could be so hilarious to watch a celebrity cry. Best Video Turned Meme: Overly Attached Girlfriend [youtube wmode=transparent] When I first watched this, I really thought this girl was a legit Justin Bieber fan (what? This video will never stop being awesome, and her meme will always live on. I’ve listened to it as though it were an actual song. Best Prank Video: I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy Again [youtube wmode=transparent] I love these Jimmy Kimmel pranks, I really do. I can’t help but giggle and sing along every time I play it. wmode=transparent] I want to marry these dudes a little bit. Her other videos were pretty funny too, but nothing can compare to the original. I feel sort of sorry for the teary-eyed kids who are getting exploited for Internet fame, but the funniness outweighs the guilt. Best Sh*t People Say Video: Original Sh*t Girls Say [youtube wmode=transparent] I’ve been following the Sh*t Girls Say Twitter account for forever, so obviously I was thrilled when they came out with a video. Of course, this caused about a million copycat videos, and we learned about the things everyone said, from “nobody” to fashion girls. Best Baby Video: 11 Month Old Twins Dancing [youtube wmode=transparent] If you’ve never seen this, watch it right now. It is impossible not to smile or laugh or feel warm and gooey all over when you watch this. wmode=transparent] This trailer for The BAMF Girls Club is so clever and funny that it’s hard not to wish it were a legit TV show. Trust me, you don’t need to be into Pokemon to appreciate this adorable Pikachu video.

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Best Celebrity Video: Fifty Shades Of Blue with Selena Gomez This video is proof that Selena Gomez has some serious comedic abilities. If you need something anyone can do, here’s my favorite that I did during April Fool’s Day many years ago: If your kitchen sink has one of those extra hoses that you can pull out and more efficiently wash dishes with, then simply put a rubber band around it so that the handle is pressed in.Then, whenever someone comes to use the sink, instead of water coming from the faucet onto the dishes, it’ll be sprayed directly towards the person you’re tricking out. The Internet gave us some seriously funny stuff during 2012.Besides the ridiculous memes (Mc Kayla’s not impressed, anybody?While the validity of this type of prank is still disputed, that doesn’t stop more videos from appearing.

This video isn’t an amateur video but instead somewhat professionally made in terms of You Tube videos, but you should still understand the jist of the joke, aside from the pants side-story.

Oh, and do pay attention to the person making all the comments, for he does make things a lot funnier than the video itself.

Remember when I said that you can play any of these pranks on your friends? Unless you have some pretty awesome connections, I highly doubt you’ll be able to pull this one off, but if you can, then congratulations!

Now just wait until your prey returns to their computer, and wha la!

In this video, 6 total pranks that people do in public are presented.

Today I’ve found 5 You Tube videos that contain a total of 14 pranks that you could play on your friends.