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Furry hookup site

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The following resources show the art, story lines, and sexuality within furry fandom. Each Second Life destination has a maturity rating of General, Moderate, or Adult.

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Thus far mariadb has proven to be more robust, and efficient, we have actually seen a 20% increase in site performance since the change.Sorry Guys, Today our Ubuntu My SQL core decided it wanted to do some updates, so i allowed it to do them, only to find out(to my horror), that the ubuntu repository was having some kind of issue, and a couple of the updates blew the server sky high. So i ended up having to reinstall the My SQL system which is a seperate Virtual Machine inside our cluster, which is why the site appeared online, but with all the information missing. No data was lost as i rolled backups right before doing the updates.So right down to the minute it went down, we didnt loose a thing.So it may yet get even a little faster once i fully decommission the old database server(moving some extra files i stored there off it before deleting the whole VM.)The third batch hasnt happenned yet, but involved firmware updates to the cluster itself hardware wise, and then DUN DUN DUN, the install of 2 new processors into the main server of the cluster.Out will go the 2 x Xeon E5620 i7 Series Quad Cores, And in will go the 2 new Xeon X5650 i7 Series HEX Cores.Furry Hangout has monthly raffles and contests, events, live DJs, a diverse and friendly staff and daily visitors.

Furr Trax is the Fastest Growing new Furry Social Network that is completely free to use, and most importantly, We are non-profit, owned and run by Furrys, for Furrys.

We are not a pay site, and we do not require subscriptions or any of that stuff.

For anyone who witnessed the small 2 minute outage a short time ago, it wasnt a malfunction.

This was me working on things behind the scenes, usually doing a database backup before each change.

When i do a backup the database momentarily goes offline to do it, thus everyone gets logged out.

This cost listed above, does not include the 2 new Processors i just bought for our servers.